Footnote 12

The PAUSE button on home cassette recorders is used for editing and collaging on the fly, i.e., selective editing in real time. This has led to a connoisseurism of the personality of the PAUSE on various decks. Each makes a different-sounding edit. Some can be operated more quickly and precisely than others. Several composers prefer the long-discontinued Sony TC 153-158 line to all others.

The Sony saga of consumer-targeted digital recorders is an interesting case of maintaining the pro/amateur gap. The relatively inexpensive PCM-F1 portable digital/analog converter was probably bought by more professionals than home recordists. It was essentially compatable with, and could substitute for, much more expensive professional equipment. Sony discontinued the F1, replacing it with the 701 E, which was not portable and did not have mic inputs. But it could still be adaped as a professional studio convertor. So Sony emasculated it, introducing the 501 E, similar but for most purposes studio-incompatible.

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